From the creators of the iTunes Best of 2014 podcast The $100 MBA Show comes

A Podcast About Webinars...Well, Not Exactly.

A podcast about teaching, selling and communicating with your audience effectively using webinars. We find out how webinars went wrong. But we also learn how the masters are using them and how you can become a Webinar Ninja yourself.


This podcast has two purposes.

1. This show pulls back the curtain on Webinars so you can learn how entrepreneurs are using them successfully. We learned very early in the process of creating this podcast and our platform that people that want to do webinars, are just as concerned with what to do on them as they are with the technology itself.

2. The second reason is a bit selfish. This podcast is our own research and development exercise. Everything I learn in the process of this podcast, has been and will be put into our Webinar Platform and I share the journey of building that along with you.

In this podcast, you'll hear from webinar attendees, organizers and heavy users- those that make a very good living using webinars. We learn how they use webinars, what they loved about them them, what they hate about them and their struggles along the way.

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Hosted by Omar Zenhom

Produced and Edited by Nicole Baldinu

Music is by Dan Mills and Mark Bos